COVID-19 Business continuity support

At this critical time, doing nothing is simply not an option. You must prepare for the impact this pandemic will have on your family, your business and your team. We’re providing coaching support to help you as a business owner to prepare for your new future.

Online coaching services


Business continuity planning Business continuity planning review Finance and cashflow management
Developing a roadmap to identify the actions needed to navigate through Covid-19 and identify and utilize Government entitlements. Advice on continuity of brand and messaging and developing a communications plan to provide focus and business direction. Reviewing and finalising a plan that you will draft independently based on a checklist we provide. Assisting with financial forecasts that includes profit and loss, cashflow and balance sheets. Advice on cashflow management through stakeholder engagements and assistance with Bank loan application forecasts.

Accounting and tax

Business continuity planning
Assisting with financial forecasts that includes profit and loss, cashflow and balance sheets. Advice on cashflow management through stakeholder engagements and assistance with Bank loan application forecasts.

Human Resources

Employee health and wellness Employment relations and human resources
We will enable you to build a greater focus on the health and wellness of your people. This will include recognising how to manage behaviour effectively, support wellbeing and improve productivity. Advice and guidance will be provided on resilience and change leadership. Guidance will be provided on how to build emotional intelligence, empathy and understanding of what matter to others. Also, the importance of creating a strong culture that builds engagement. We can also provide outplacement support and guidance. Providing advice and guidance on all HR and employment relations matters, such as, restructures and redundancies, leave policies/payments, wage subsidies, payroll advice, performance and disciplinary matters, contracts and agreements. Guidance on effective leadership through this significant time of change, developing strategies to build the culture in your business. Finally recruiting to attract the right people, both nationally and internationally.


Planning your response is critical; every business will be impacted in some way. Please get in touch with your Baker Tilly Staples Rodway representative to discuss your options and make a plan for the continuity of your business.

We are registered with the Regional Business Partner (RBP) network to provide funding for the above services. The fund is available to eligible businesses impacted by COVID-19. To apply click here.



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